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Stone for Building

Stone for Building


We stock Cast Veneer Stone by E.P. Henry, the finest, most natural-looking manufactured stone on the market. 

Come visit our showroom to see our extensive displays of:

  • Cast Veneer Stone
  • Landmark Stone by Glen Gery

And of natural stone thin veneers from:

  • Meshoppen Thin Veneer™
  • Real Stone Veneers™
  • realstone Systems™
  • Tru-Stone Veneer™

Thin Stone veneer is nominally 2” thick, and can be applied to a wall without the additional support required for thicker veneer. See our “Projects” page for more on how to buy and install Thin Stone Veneer.

We stock full-thickness, traditional stone veneer:

  • Valley Forge Light & Dark
  • New Jersey Sandstone
  • Recycled Pennsylvania Schist
  • Vermont Marble
    …and more.

Traditional stone veneer is typically 4″ to 6″ thick, and, like brick, must be supported from below by building a footing and foundation which is 4″ wider than the wall structure, creating a “ledge” for installation of the stone.


We stock:

  • Bluestone
  • Brownstone
  • Tennessee Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Vermont Slate: Red, Green, Purple
  • Pennsylvania Black Slate

Stone used for patios, walkways, and flooring, is called flagstone. “Pattern” flagstone is cut into squares and rectangles, and sold by the square foot. “Irregular” flagstone is broken into natural shapes, and is sold by weight.
Flagstone can be installed on a dry bed, like pavers, if the stone is a minimum 1-1/2” thick. It can also be installed in a bed of mortar, which requires the support of a 3” to 4” thick concrete slab underneath. See our “Products” page for Stone for Landscaping.


We stock:

  • Bluestone
  • Brownstone
  • Tennessee Sandstone
  • Limestone

Step treads, wall caps, column caps, hearths, and mantles are cut from “tread stock” stone and custom finished to create a beautiful, natural effect. We stock sizes from 6″ to 30″ wide and lengths of 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft. (Not all combinations of width and length are available). Our custom stone shop will fabricate the stone of your choice to a size and shape to fit your application… see our Product page for Stone Cutting.

Stone for Building in NJ
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