Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel are sold by weight, in any quantity from a truckload (9 tons) to a 5 gallon bucket full (50 lbs). Minimums apply for delivery. Pictures, including a standard size (2’x3-1/2”) business card for size comparison, are intended for general information and cannot be relied upon for color accuracy. And remember, stone is a natural product and can change from load to load. Be sure to stop in and see before you buy.


  • Child Health Sand – high purity, sub-angular sand, a light yellowish-tan color very similar to beach sand
  • White Sand – high purity, sub-angular, high silica, white in color
  • All-Purpose Sand – “concrete” sand: a mix of coarse to fine particles suitable for mixing concrete, dry-setting pavers; high purity, sub-angular, a light yellowish tan color,
  • "Polymeric" Sweeping Sand
  • Sandblasting Sand - #000 (fine), #00 (medium), #0 (coarse), #1 (extra coarse)
  • Black Beauty Sandblasting Medium – and angular, sharp product derived from boiler slag


  • Screenings – fine ground stone, for setting large blocks of paving stone (NOT for concrete pavers)
  • Concrete sand – coarse yellow sand for setting concrete pavers, mixing concrete
  • Bar sand – fine yellow sand for mixing mortar and stucco, a base for swimming pools
  • White sand – fine, sharp white sand for mixing mortar (see chart below for the best choices of gravel for your job)
  • 3/4" Gray Trap Rock
  • 1-1/2" Gray Trap Rock
  • Quarry Blend
  • 3/8" Red
  • 3/4" Red
  • 3/8" River
  • 3/4" River
  • 1 to 3" River
  • 3 to 5" River

Sand and Gravel