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Auger, tow-behind (6", 8", 12", 16" bits)
Dingo TX420 Mini-Loader w/ Trailer; plus attachments: Auger (8", 12", 16", 24” bits), Breaker, Forks, Grading leveler

Buggy, Power (w/ trailer); (“Stake Body” flatbed available)
Bull Float
Pencil Concrete Vibrator

Construction & Landscaping
Plate Compactor
Concrete Mixer, Electric (2-3 80# bags)
Concrete Mixer, Gas Power (4-5 80# bags)
Mortar Mixer (3 bag)
Panel Lift
Paver Extractor
Power Trowel 36"
Rod cutter/bender
Sod Cutter
Wall Splitter

Cutting and Demolition
Electric Jackhammer
Rotary Hammer 2"
Chipping Hammer
Concrete Saw, Walk behind
Demolition Saw
Wet Saw, tile/paver