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We stock Standard Building Block:

  • 8x8x16 Hollow Ultralight
  • 8x8x8 Hollow Half
  • 8x8x16 Semi-Solid or “cap”
  • 8x8x16 “L” block
  • 8x8x16 Bond Beam
  • 8x8x16 Single Bullnose
  • 12x8x16 Hollow Ultralight
  • 12x8x16 Semi-Solid or “cap”
  • 12x8x16 Bond Beam
  • 12x8x8 Hollow Half

… Accessory Building Block:

  • 2x8x16 “slab” or Patio Block
  • 3x8x16 Solid “slab” or “biscuit”
  • 4x8x16 Solid “slab” or “cap”
  • 4x8x16 Hollow
  • 6x8x16 Hollow
  • 6x8x16 Solid

…Specialty Building Block:

  • 8x8x16 Rock Face no color
  • 8x8x16 Rock Face Corner no color
  • 6x6x12 Catch Basin or Inlet
  • 6x6x12 Barrel or Manhole
  • 16x8x16 Chimney Block

All sizes are “nominal”: “8 inch” really means 7-5/8″, allowing for 3/8″ joint in 8″ spacing.