GW Lippincott’s Supply Launches New Website

GW Lippincott’s Supply Company in Mount Holly New Jersey, announced the launch of a new Website today. Their old website dated back a decade and was no longer serving the need of their customers. The new Website, found at is ultra-fast, highly-secure, and works very well on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

About GW Lippincott’s Supply

Lippincott’s Supply was established in 1901 at “Washington Street and the Railroad”, now 63 Washington St., in Mount Holly. The founder, Stacy B. Lippincott, sold coal and building supplies such as slate, terra cotta, and quicklime. Following WWII, the coal business began to be supplanted by heating oil, and over the years the building supply business evolved to meet the changing demands of local builders and homeowners. For four generations of family ownership, the core of the company’s services has been natural stone, brick and other masonry products, drainage materials, and sand and gravel.